Published by Walker Books for Young Readers

Published by Walker Books for Young Readers

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Two Bobbies

A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship, and Survival

Kirby Larson and Mary Nether are the best of friends, just like Bobbi and Bob Cat, having met in a writers workshop led by Jane Yolen several dog years ago. They first saw the Two Bobbies on Anderson Cooper 360° and found hope in the Bobbies’ story of friendship and survival. Mary is the author of many picture books, including The Famous Nini: A Mostly True Story of How a Plain White Cat Became a Star. Kirby and Mary donate 10% of their authors royalties from the Two Bobbies to Best Friends Animal Society.

Jean Cassels has illustrated more than fifty nonfiction nature titles. Her other titles include Groundhog Stays Up Late and Br’er Rabbit Captured! Jean lives with her husband in New Orleans. They left the city with their three dogs a day before Katrina, and it was six weeks before they could return home. Although there is still much left to accomplish throughout the city, Jean is glad to say that through the efforts of the residents and the visitors who have come to help, New Orleans is making a comeback.

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