Friend Friday

June 22nd, 2018|history, Uncategorized, Young Adult|

I met Miriam McNamara when I was a visiting faculty member to the Vermont Master of Fine Arts. Her energy was infectious, something I admired in that 3 degree weather [...]

Friend Friday

June 8th, 2018|Uncategorized|

I'm a huge fan of Shannon Hitchcock's work so when our mutual friend, Augusta Scattergood, suggested I invite Shannon to be a Friend Friday, I jumped at the chance. And [...]

Friend Friday

May 25th, 2018|Giveaway, history, inspiration, reading, Uncategorized, writing|

I doubt there is a book creator in the Greater Puget Sound area (and likely beyond!) who hasn't been touched by the kind, positive and genuinely good human being, Peggy [...]

Friend Friday

April 20th, 2018|books, Giveaway, history, reading, Uncategorized, writing|

                  I had no idea that Duke would launch a series. It turns out if you put a dog in a book, [...]

Friend Friday

April 13th, 2018|animals, Creativity, inspiration, reading, Uncategorized, writing|

It is such a pleasure to host Dan Gemeinhart today; after all, we are practically neighbors, with only a tiny mountain range separating us in Washington state. Dan and I [...]

Friend Friday

March 23rd, 2018|humor, illustration, inspiration, reading, Uncategorized|

I am so honored to call Dana Sullivan a friend. His irrepressible humor and good-naturedness not only make him a great guy to be around, they make him a great [...]

Friend Friday

March 2nd, 2018|animals, books, reading, Teachers, Uncategorized, writing|

Serendipitously, Laura Purdie Salas and I were seated next to one another at a Golden Kite luncheon a few years back. Though we'd just met, I cheered loudly for her [...]

Another Slim Christmas

December 19th, 2017|family, Uncategorized|

  David Neil Miltenberger One month ago today, my dad slipped away for his tee time in heaven, surrounded by nearly all of his family (we're talking 4 [...]

Monday Musings

November 13th, 2017|Uncategorized|

I had such a lovely time in the CyFair school district this past week. The students were prepared and engaged, some asking me questions that really kept me on my [...]

Friend Friday

September 29th, 2017|inspiration, Uncategorized, writing|

There are so many kind and generous people in the kidlit community, and I would say Caroline Starr Rose is near the top of the list. She is so self-effacing [...]